Wolves Women Shine at Skills Camp


Over the weekend 9 members of the Wolves Women’s team and Coach Mark Bramwell participated in a BAFA Woman’s skills camp in Derby. Over 100 women from clubs all over the country participated in the event which consisted of two practices a day as well as film sessions over two days.

The purpose of the camp was to give the women a taster of 11 a side football and the chance to feel what a Great Britain camp would be like. It also allowed for top level coaching and a chance to refine and develop skills.

Coach Bramwell was impressed with the camp “Loads of really good work got done, the coaches all came away very impressed and it sets up our players perfectly for the Diamond series.”

Lara Conell the Wolves standout Line Backer came away impressed “Some things were similar to what we do at training but was great to get feedback to help improve on basic skills that we already have. Was also a lot of new skills and information to take away and to work on with our own clubs and in our own time.

All the girls were at different skill and fitness level so you didn’t feel that you weren’t doing well enough, It was a great push for personal development.

It was a great introduction to the Diamond Series/11 man football, helps with the understanding of the game as well. Some different coaching styles helped as well. Also a great atmosphere, everyone there loves the game and was keen to learn and improve themselves. Great to mingle with players from other teams and see who is under the helmets.”

The Women’s team will be looking to put these new skills to use as they go into the diamond series.



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