Meet The Team Lauren MacDonald

Welcome to meet the team. With the Seniors preparing for play off football we have decided this week to branch out and introduce you to the Wolves Women’s team. So here is Lauren, fun fact she is married too Wolves men’s team starting safety Steve MacDonald. Anyway lets find out more about Lauren:

What position do you play?


Defensive back


How long have you been playing?


9 months


What has been your best moment as a member of the Wolves?


Winning our first game and watching the men’s team get to the BritBowl


Who is your favourite American Football player?


JJ Watt


Outside of football what are your other interests?


Spending time with friends/family and watching copious amounts of Friends re-runs.


Favourite film?


Mean Girls hands down


Do you have any pre-game rituals?


Yes, don’t spew..


What song is guaranteed to make you sing along?


Has to be Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard


Which team mate is the loudest?


I’m unsure and its making me think that it might be me? Also I’ve heard that there’s a guy called Steve Mac on the men’s team that’s really loud.


Which team mate is the funniest?


I’d have to say Jenn McKillop due to the reason that she speaks fluent Mean Girls


And finally if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow who from the wolves would you take in your rag tag group of survivors?


First of all I’d take Georgina Day as she is a total soldier, if she gets hurt she keeps on going. I’d then choose Lara Connell to confuse the zombies with her Aussie accent and also Hazel MacDonald to do all our make up and nails so that we looked the part just in case Daryl Dixon showed up. Last but not least I’d take ex Edinburgh Wolves player David Paton as he is a tip top baller and he plays loads of video games so he could make all the cool weapons for us.


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