Open Session with Cecil Martin

Ahead of his trip to Edinburgh next week, we caught up with former NFL Fullback and current Sky Sports pundit Cecil Martin to ask him some questions about what he hopes for from his trip to the capital

Q. What are you expecting from your trip to Edinburgh?

“I am expecting a group of kids and young adults, from no experience to having played for years, having a fun American Football experience, while learning some things about the game.  I expect a group of coaches that have been around the game, all coming together, with myself, and providing the kind of coaching that helps a person see themselves continuing to play or beginning to play.  I expect this event to be spirited, empowering, and fun.”

Q. How did you get involved in these events and why are you doing them?

“I have been around all types of camps, combines, showcases, and training sessions for over 20 years; and I just wanted to provide something a little bit different.  I wanted to create an event that an elite player could be participating with someone brand new to the sport, and they both walk away better and having had a fun experience.  I also wanted to incorporate the type of empowering messaging that I want everyone to embrace for success in life in whatever they do.  I also wanted to create an experience that was affordable for most to be a part of. To really answer the question, I have been around community service since my high school days and have been providing motivation talks for over 20 years. These events are just an extension of who I am, the experiences I have had, the successes I’ve had, and the beliefs and values that have been instilled in me, by people like all of the coaches I have met over the years.”

Q. You did you choose to visit Edinburgh and work with the Edinburgh Wolves?

“I feel that it was more like the Wolves choose me.  I met members of the Edinburgh Wolves Club through, Scotland’s own BUCS Championship Coach Robert Orr, a few years ago at Sterling University.  From there I did a training session with them last year, and my relationship with the club has grown. I have always opened up the opportunity for American Football clubs in the UK to host me. The Edinburgh Wolves are one of quite a few that have stepped up and made it happen.  I look forward to doing more.”

Q. So, do you seen more events like these in the future?

“I would like to see these events going back to certain regions around the UK and finding participation in the game having grown exponentially.  From there I would like to be able to see more kids, that have been to my combine/training session, playing at any of the great Universities in the UK.  I would like these events to lead to identifying the kind of talent that can maybe play at a college or University in America and earn a scholarship to do so as well.  The future of these events will be shaped by the clubs around the UK that I work with.  At the end of the day, my events are all about supporting the growth of young people, while supporting the growth of the game at the same time.”

Cecil will be joining us at South Queensferry Rubgy Club this Thursday, 12th June, from 6pm. He will be co-hosting an open non contact training session with ourselves that is open to anyone aged between 14 and 28, no matter what level experience. Cecil hopes to see experienced players as well as absolute beginners. The event costs £35 and attendees are asked to bring comfortable clothes as well as foot ware suitable for grass and astro surfaces.

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