Contact Versus Collision

Contact Versus Collision

Hello and welcome to my inaugural blog, I’ll be trying to update this weekly and using it as a space to put out my thoughts on whatever takes my fancy on any given week.

This week the Wolves got to practice in full kit for the first time this off-season and it got me thinking about the main difference between American Football and Rugby….other than the pads.

One of the main questions we get when recruiting players to the Wolves or when I talk about playing American Football over here is “Which leaves you in more pain Rugby or American Football?” The answer boringly is that they both don’t leave feeling exactly fresh, with rugby I have found I have aches and pains in specific places, with American Football I’m sore all over and that comes down to how  hits are delivered in American Football.

Football is played at 100mph for a short period of time with up to 30 seconds rest in between plays. When tackling more often than not both tackler and ball carrier are at there top speed. On the offensive line they have to contend with Linebackers and defensive line crashing in to them constantly. The best way to describe it is like the push in a scrum under the old laws, that satisfying thud but up to 96 times in a game.

The tackling is different as well rugby as mandated that players must wrap up when tackling, which has certainly helped player safety, as a result players slow down and buzz there feet before exploding through with the arms.

In American Football you don’t need the ball and you don’t need to use arms to hit which results in plays like this

and awesome training sessions drills like this which we now use at the Wolves:

So the best way to sum up is Rugby is like getting into a fight while American Football is more like getting into a car crash specifically one that looks like this:


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