Wolves Hope To Weather Hurricane Storm

The Edinburgh Wolves travel to Dundee on Sunday fresh of back to back victories and now knowing that they have to win the rest of their games if they have any hope of making the playoffs.

The Wolves and Dundee games have traditionally been close encounters and a great rivalry. Dundee have historically been the dominant side in the Scottish conference thanks to their great offensive weapons like Dooma Niakate and Fraser Thompson and the legendry play of line backer Dan Cameron (now offensive co-ordinator at the Wolves).

However the past few years have not been kind to Dundee who have gone through numerous coaching changes and the departure of General Manager Charlie Campbell, the Hurricanes entered this season in rebuild mode.

It is one of the oldest clichés in sports that a team is not as bad as there record, but with Dundee they can genuinely feel aggrieved to only have the one win. With Adam Ingram under centre and Fraser Thomson out at Wide Receiver the Hurricanes possess excellent offensive weapons and Offensive Co-ordinator Craig Blackhall is a great tactician.

The defence is also strong with Bruce Thomson and Mike Dotts patrolling the secondary errant throws are easily picked off and opposing offences are made to rue their mistakes.

This certainly isn’t a game that the Wolves will take lightly sentiments echoed by line backer Ross Young “I don’t think anyone sees Dundee as an easy win for us. They had better not anyway. Both the offence and the defence have started to find there form in the past couple of weeks, now isn’t the time to start slacking, we need to keep improving and push hard to win this division.”


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