Wolves Defence stifle Nighthawks high scoring offence

It’s the 23rd of June, It’s almost 23 degrees and the Old Nemesis is in town!!!!

Game 6 saw the Merseyside Nighthawks travel North to Peffermill, where the Wolves lay in wait. This is a significant game to the Wolves as Mersey have been the the victor on too many painful occasions. For those who are new to the team, the Nighthawks are the opponent that beat Edinburgh at two DIV 1 National Finals and one of the only teams to beat the Wolves in nearly 3 years of Div 1 Football.

Since making a set up to the Premiership however, that gap has closed slightly with last years series ending 1-1. So, this year the Wolves have the target of making it 2-0 against a Mersey team that have stuttered of late defensively but offensively are still a threat, with an average of 38 points a game vs similar opposition these guys are not to be taken lightly.

Edinburgh win the toss and opt to receive, Galloway #81 returns the ball up to the 35 yard line with some good blocking ahead. The offence come onto the field and instantly make yards against the D but a costly a penalty drops them back and they are forced to punt.

The Mersey offence take the field and show their talents almost immediately, with some massive yards gained up middle by the RB’s #44 & #10  and some fantastic clutch catches, by the receivers, saw them take an early lead. The subsequent kick would be missed. 0-6

Now, it was the Wolves offences turn to take the field and prove then can be just as efficient. Moving the ball through the air and on the ground well, a long sustained drive saw Morrison #5 find Callan #85 on a seam for the receivers first TD for Edinburgh and the Wolves first of the day. 6-6

The remainder of the first quarter would see the Wolves D stifle the Mersey offence very well and vice versa. Back and forward exchanges made it apparent this game would be decided by which team had the best redzone defence, and this was potentially proved at 6 mins to go in the 2nd. A goal line stand of epic proportions saw the Wolves get the ball back on their own 10 yard line.

From here Morrison #5 and his O would make some great yards and after a big run from Davidson #21 on the outside the Wolves would be back in the redzone, a subsequent 12 yard catch by Galloway #81 at the back of the endzone, which was covered with so much toe drag swag, gave the Wolves the lead before the half. Dignan #20 converted the extra point and made it 13-6.


The Nighthawks received the ball in the 3rd and their opening pass was picked off by NEW GUY Cam Macdonald #7 giving the Wolves a fantastic opportunity to extend their lead, unfortunately, the Mersey D had other plans. A quick 3 and punt welcomed Merseyside back to the field. This time there would be no such mistake, some quick thinking by the QB, at the end of a well sustained drive, saw him run into the endzone and the score tied up (PAT good). 13-13

From, this score onwards  the game would flip on its head. Disappointed to have conceded points the D would come to the sideline and regroup, whilst the O when out to get the lead back and that they did. A quick drive downfield was capped of by Morrison #5  on his own, quick thinking, QB keeper. 18-13 (2pt conversion attempt failed)

The D regrouped, re-energised and motivated would see them remind the Nighthawks that they are one of the country’s best for a reason. They’d get the offence the ball back in great field position which would see a drive end with an Ingram #88 catch, spin move and 30 yard run to take it to two scores ahead. (PAT good) 25-13

Into the 4th quarter now and the D are at it again, Rodger #3  breaking up a pass on 3rd down with some perfect timing and then stuffing a fake punt attempt on 4th down. The ball on the Mersey 40, the Wolves would move the ball again well with Morrison #5 finding Ingram #88 from 25 yards, who was under ALOT of pressure from the DB’s, for his second score of the day. (Callan PAT good)  32-13

Merseyside would take the field and show some of that offensive spark they have had all season with a 55 yard pass to their #13, who Rodger #3 had said was giving him a tough time all day, scoring a deserved TD. (2pt conversion failed) 32-19

Mersey would attempt an onside kick which was driven hard into the ground but Fell #87 would catch it comfortably, quickly hitting the deck before on rushers arrived. Ball on the Nighthawks 40. This drive would end with a familiar sight of Davidson #21 taking the ball up the middle, avoiding tackles, to extend the lead further. (2pt conversion to Fell #8740-19

Mersey now under real pressure to get some points and try claw the game back would see their next drive end with a deep ball picked off in the endzone by rookie Doherty #34, his second this season. He would then be face masked and hit late for his troubles, giving the Wolves 30 yards free. Back to the Mersey 40 and a deep ball to Galloway #81 would see him get his second of the day, his first double TD game in the Premiership. The Wolves would then go for the 2pt conversion to give ex Junior QB Kohl #18, also aged 18, the opportunity to get his first senior snap, unfortunately the pitch left was well read by the D and the attempt failed. 46-19

The D would stop Mersey again and this would be where the game ended!

A fantastic result, hard fought game that would see HC Don Edmonston post a “winners” selfie on Facebook!!

REMINDER: Next game is at home vs Sheffield Giants at Meggetland Stadium on the 1st July at 14.30!!!!




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