Phoenix Rise Over Wolves

Phoenix Rise Over Wolves

On Saturday the Edinburgh Wolves took on the visiting Tamworth Phoenix in the 4th game of their inaugural season in the Premiership. Going into the game many in the britball community expected the Wolves to take a heavy defeat at the hands of the perennial Premiership powerhouse.

The game started brightly for the Wolves, after receiving the opening kick-off the Wolves offence chewed the clock for a sustained period, the drive was eventually capped off by a jinking run by Jamie Morrison, who given his play over the last 3 years must now be considered one of the elite QB’s in the British game. The Extra point attempt by Lloyd Dignan was missed, 6-0 Wolves.

The Phoenix answered back straight away on the first play a 50 yard run put them deep into Wolves territory and they quickly scored a TD and converted the extra point to give themselves the lead 7-6.

The Phoenix defence was able to stifle the Wolves offence, with the defensive line constantly harassing Morrison and making it difficult for the Wolves to establish the run early in the game.

The Phoenix extended there lead, however to 14-6. However the Wolves defence showed that this would be no blowout. Jon Young lead the defensive line and they controlled the line of scrimmage. Jason Gray made an impact at Linebacker only his second game starting at the position after transitioning from Free Safety and dished out some crushing blows to the opposition.

The Wolves headed into the half down by 8 points however they were perhaps the happier of the two sides with this.

After a rousing half time talk the wolves came back into the game rookie sensation Calum Davidson adding another touch down to his tally, with the extra point made it was now 14-13.

The Phoenix again scored to pull away from the home side however the extra point was blocked and the lead was only 20-14.

Into the 4th quarter and in one of the biggest calls of the game on 4th and 1 Offensive Co-ordinator Dan Cameron called for a quick pass, Morrison hit Dave Orr and the savvy veteran ran in 30 yards for the score, The Wolves went for 2 and the game was tied 20-20!

The Nix would eventually score a final time and end the game with a 27-20 win. However the Wolves put forward a good account of themselves.

The Bud Light MVP Jon Young

The Wolves next face the Lancashire Wolverines on Saturday the 20th of May at Meggetland kick off is at 2:30pm


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