Meet The Team- Ross Young

Welcome to met the team, our new feature where we will ask members of the Wolves senior team all the important questions and let you the fans get to know them that little bit better. First up we have Ross Young:

What position do you play?


How long have you been playing?

8 or 9 years

What has been your best moment as a member of the Wolves?

Reaching the National final last season. The whole playoff run was straight out of Holywood.

Who is your favourite American Football player?

Probably Kam Chancellor at the moment

Outside of football what are your other interests?

I play rugby, enjoy going to the gym and I’m also a massive nerd

Favourite film?

Shawshank Redepmtion or Pulp Fiction

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Always last out the changing room. Needless to say, Coach Don doesn’t like it

What song is guaranteed to make you sing along?

Come and get your love by Redbone

Which team mate is the loudest?

My bus buddy, Steve MacDonald

Which team mate is the funniest?

Probably one of my best friends on the team, Jamie Morrison. Though his humour isn’t always intended

And finally if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow who from the wolves would you take in your rag tag group of survivors?

Alistair Ritchie, OL – Clever and immovable. The brains of the operation

Duncan Tanner, DL – Calm, cool, collected, and the wolves original Hyperbeast

Mitch Strachan, DE/LB – Can open a locked door with his bare hands and will run into a wall if you ask him. Also provides the entertainment

Jamie Morrison, QB – Would just have to have him along.

Mike Froude, OL – To serve as Jamie’s personal bodyguard, well equipped for the job with his freakish pain threshold and years of experience protecting Jamie’s blindside

Jason Gray – The new Golden Child. Well warranted with his big and strong freak athlete Mussy boy status

David Ellen, FS – To bat down any and all zombies who make it past the front lines

Steve MacDonald, SS – To come along and claim all my kills as his own

Robbie Charles, LB – My liberal brother in the middle.

John McCallum, LB – To guard us all from Jamie’s patter.

Steve Wilson, RB – His nickname is ‘Marine Steve’. Enough said.

Calum Buchan, CB- We can exchange sweet high fives after every zombie kill.


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