Meet the Team – John McCallum

Welcome to another addition of Meet the Team. With the Wolves not having a fixture this week, we will be letting you get to know two of our lovely players this week.

First up and representing the defence we have John McCallum:

What position do you play?


How long have you been playing?

4 years

What has best your best moment as a member of the Wolves?

The semi-final victory in Solent was an amazing experience from start to finish. Though I wasn’t ready for the sub-Sahara heat. I think beating Clyde Valley twice this year is a close second.

Outside of football what are your other interests?

Going to gigs and listening to music, computer games, movies, graphic novels, MMA. It is surprising how much of this team are geeks.

Favourite film?

Memento. I forget why.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I like to pack my bag the night before. Then set a couple of alarms so I don’t sleep in. In the morning I’ll have 3 weetabix. And in the changing rooms I’ll have a laugh and a joke to so the boys don’t get hyped up too early

What song is guaranteed to make you sing along?

Anything from old school Disney. I grew up with 2 sisters so that was playing constantly. Especially Aladdin.

Which team mate is the loudest?

The loudest is Steve Mac there is not even a close second.

Which team mate is the funniest?

It would be big headed to say myself. So our QB Jamie Morrison, the boy could have a YouTube channel. He’s like when you give a 5 year old beer (don’t give children beer)

And finally if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow who from the wolves would you take in your rag tag group of survivors?

Due to the need for enough food that rules out the entire O line. I’d have our D line along since they’ve proved nothing can get past them, so zombies will be easy.  I’d have my fellow LB’s of course our stellar communication skills would see us through any sticky situation. I’d take marine Steve cos if he’s not in my gang of survivalists he’s in another one and I don’t fancy going against that! I was going to say Stu Galloway as I think he’d be good at picking up useful material and scraps, but then again he doesn’t know how to close doors and that’s zombie safety 101. So he’s out.


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