Meet The Team – Jamie Morrison

Welcome back to our ever popular feature, Meet The Team.

Today we have the great pleasure in letting you the dear reader take a peak into the wonderful mind of our Quarterback and leader of the offence Jamie Morrison… buckle up you are in for a bumpy ride.

What position do you play?


How long have you been playing?

9 Years.

What has best your best moment as a member of the Wolves?

Walking out for the coin toss for the final, knowing everything we had accomplished that year to reach that point.

Outside of football what are your other interests?

I enjoy reading, computer/board games, going to cinema and creating a collection of videos called ‘Franchise moments’ .

Favourite film?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), it got stuck in my VHS player and regularly watched when I was younger.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I like to get out on to field early to just relax and do some QB warm-ups. Once pre-game approaches I then start making sure regular late players *cough* Ross Young *cough* are actually outside.

What song is guaranteed to make you sing along?

Since Guardians of the Galaxy sound track was the go to album of our playoff adventures Ain’t No Mountain High Enough would be my choice.

Which team mate is the loudest?

With the departure of Kieran Smith this choice is made easy and has to be Steve Mac.

 Which team mate is the funniest?

John McCallum is always one to make me laugh

And finally if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow who from the wolves would you take in your rag tag group of survivors?

Those fortunate to be selected for Team Franchise would be: Starting with the Mussy boys, those gathering from land known for being ‘Big and Strong’: Ali Ritchie – My trusted centre would easily plough through hordes of zombies as well as being a great cook. Jason Gray – The young and athletic rookie would make for a great hunter Ross Young – Competitiveness would drive him to making sure he would always have the most kills making him useful in combat situations

Non-facebook group, living without social media makes for a simple transition to the likely lifestyle: Steve Wilson – ticks every box required in a comrade Dave Orr – Never underestimate his size and is always there to help me when things break down

Finally, Calum Buchan – Unfortunately in any zombie film someone always dies at the start. This was a hard decision but the death of such a wonderful man would spur a stronger bond in this group of people, the agent Phil Coulson some may say who only wanted signed franchise memorabilia.


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