Et tu, Brute? Wolves Slay Caesars

The Edinburgh Wolves made the 6 hour hour journey down to Nottingham on Sunday to take on the Caesars in there last away game of the regular season. The Wolves had been on a four game win streak and the Caesars came into the game with momentum having won the previous week.

The Wolves defence game out strong with the defensive line dominating and over powering the bigger Caesars line, the offence took the field and were able to carve up the Caesars through there dominant ground game.  The game finished 35-0 to the Wolves with the running clock being started early in the second half.

Full match report Here

The Wolves have now completed what many consider to be the hardest part of there schedule five away games on the trot and coming away with five victories. Finally the Wolves come back home where they face bitter rivals the Clyde Valley Blackhawks on Saturday the 4th of July. This is going to be a fantastic game. If the Wolves win then they are guaranteed second place. The Blackhawks need to win to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Go Wolves



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