Wolves Women

In mid-October last year, 20 eager women turned up to create history in Scotland by joining the first ever women’s kitted American Football team in the country. With the supportive help of dedicated Wolves coaching staff, the women’s team jumped straight into the deep end after just three months together and entered into BAFA’s Sapphire Series 5-aside tournament. As the underdogs of the tournament and the newest team in the UK, the Edinburgh Wolves hit hard and never stopped hustling to make a name for themselves. Showing the rest of the UK exactly what the Edinburgh Wolves are capable of, the team kept their heads high and in the finals on the 4th of April, earned not only their first win, but their first two wins. Finishing 9th out of 14 teams in the UK after just 6 months of training, the Edinburgh Wolves women’s team will have all eyes on them as they progress to the Diamond Series.