Wolves Announce Captains

The Edinburgh Wolves are delighted to announce our Captains for the upcoming games against Gateshead.

Jamie Morrison #5 QB: Jamie has once again been selected as captain, one of the most exciting young Quarterbacks in the BAFANL. Jamie has really grown into his role over the last few years. His mentorship to this year’s rookie wide receivers has been invaluable to their development.

Ali Ritchie #67 Left Guard: Ali is the epitome of what we look for in Wolves players and humble and dedicated team mate Ali goes above and beyond in helping his fellow lineman. His hard work in the offseason has really shown through. Ali is now in his third year as Captain.

Ross Young #33 LB/RB: The tough tackling line backer is now also trying his hand at running back, the position he first came to prominence with when he joined the Wolves at 18. A product of the Wolves youth system along with Ali and Jamie. Ross runs the Wolves defence both on and off the field.

Jon Young #66 D Line: The versatile big man has been elected Captain for the first time. Standing at over 6ft 6” the imposing Jon is a nightmare for opposition to stop. Jon is well respected amongst all the players on defence with his football IQ and his JJ Watt like work ethic.


Congratulations to all our captains and we wish them luck as they lead wolf nation over this coming season.


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