After teasing you last week on social media and making everyone wait with bated breath, the Edinburgh Wolves are proud to announce that two local businesses have joined forces to support us over the next two seasons.

Sharkey Construction
Lamborghini Edinburgh

Sharkey is a local construction company based in Musselburgh. You might remember the tagline “Built on Character” from last week’s post? This is how Sharkey group has flourished and is a core belief Scott Sharkey(Owner) wishes to bring to the Wolves.
Scott, who has a history in American football (playing for the Edinburgh Eagles in the 80s) had said, “We look to support the wolves organisation for the future, as we want to see them grow as an integral part of the Edinburgh community.”

Andy Canning showed the initial interest by reaching out to the team a few months ago. Andy is the Manager of Lamborghini Edinburgh in Fort Kinnaird. Very keen to support the Wolves he teamed with Scott and brought their proposal to us. “This is an excellent opportunity to support a local club that is close to our hearts.”

Over the next two seasons the pair will support the team financially as well as offer their keen business sense to help grow the club to new heights.


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