East Kilbride Pirates v Edinburgh Wolves

Scotland Bowl – Wolves Prepare For Pirates

This Sunday sees the Edinburgh Wolves open their inaugural Premiership campaign away at East Kilbride Pirates. East Kilbride has been the dominant Scottish team for the past two decades and rightfully claims to be ‘Scotland’s number one American Football team’.

However recent victories by Edinburgh Wolves women’s team over East Kilbride Pirates women’s team, mean that victory by the men’s team could challenge their position atop Scottish American Football’s hierarchy.

Wolves’ defensive lineman and Captain Jon Young had the following to say on the Wolves 2017 opener:

“When I joined the club in 2011 our club had two mandates – Premiership football and becoming Scotland’s best American Football team. We achieved the first in 2016 and definitely have eyes on the second in 2017. However, we know the challenge is immense as East Kilbride has been so dominant for so long. Someone told me that not only have the Wolves (men’s team) never had a victory over East Kilbride, no Scottish team has had a victory over the Pirates since the Wolves have existed; you can’t help but applaud that dominance.

Our coaches have been preaching ‘respect but don’t fear’ and I think that sums up our mindset pretty accurately. We realise every team in the Premiership deserves our respect, but, we’re concentrating on being as physically and mentally prepared as we possibly can be. East Kilbride, and every other Premiership team, demands that we prepare in that fashion.

2017 has seen a great deal of change in personnel and some of the newer guys have really stepped up. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the rookies, such as Jordan Glover and Simon Cleere, getting some game time and showing us what they can do. I also think the offensive line is the best we have had in my time at the club and I am excited by the potential in that unit.”

Kick-off is 2:30pm, this Sunday (9th of April), at Hamilton Rugby Club. Your support is appreciated.


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