Wolves @ Rams Preview

On Sunday the Edinburgh Wolves travel down to John Charles stadium to face off against the Yorkshire Rams.

In the first encounter a heavily depleted Yorkshire Rams team suffered a 35-0 loss against the Wolves.

The stakes for this game are high for both teams. For the Wolves a win ensures the number 1 seed for the playoffs and will let the wolves finish with a 10-0 record.

This would be the first time in Wolves history that they had ever gone unbeaten.


For the Rams although they are currently guaranteed playoff football they must win this game to keep a hold of second place in the division and stay ahead of Manchester.

A victory would help them in the seeding’s and limit the distance that they would have to travel in the playoffs.


The game will not be an easy one for the Wolves with a long road trip and a rash of injuries along the much vaunted defence this will prove a tough task.

However with many pundits tipping the Wolves to gain promotion to the Premiership this year, these are the types of games that they should be expecting to win.


Make sure to check out the Wolves Twitter and Facebook pages for updates as they aim to go #UnbeaTen.


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