Wolves cut Giants down to size

Sunday saw the Wolves first outing of the 2019 season. A home fixture against the Sheffield Giants. In an interesting recap of the series so far in BAFA Prem North, the home team has never won the fixture! The game drew a large crowd for being played at our alternate Peffermill venue.

The Wolves were sporting their brand new Alpha Performance uniforms coming out in a light grey the likes that has never been seen in the capital.

Photo Credit : Kasia Sowinska

Edinburgh won the toss and deferred their option and so Sheffield received the ball to start the game.

The wolves defence certainly played well in the opener. Now under the tutelage of ousted EKP Head Coach Ross Templeton the defence was fast and aggressive from the get go and forced the Giants drive to stutter ultimately ending up in a punt. Veteran DB Steve Mac fielded the kick and returned it 30 yards, setting up the offence at around midfield.

The offence took a couple of drives to warm up before QB Andy Maciver found veteran WR Dave Orr down the seam for a 35 yard TD catch to put the Wolves up early in the 1st quarter. The coaching staff opted to go for two, and after a formation penalty, WR Lloyd Dignan (#20) found himself on the end of a beautifully placed pass in the corner of the endzone.


The day was a tale of turnovers as the new Wolves QB settled into his first competitive league action. He performed well on the day and was able to gash the Giants defence on the ground with his rushing ability.

Early in the 2nd quarter a tipped pass at the line saw the Giants intercept and set up their offence deep inside the Wolves territory. The stout Wolves defence, led by GB Linebacker Ross Young, were able to hold the Giants to only a Field Goal attempt. A chip shot which they easily converted.


The Wolves next drive stuttered and so on marched the Field Goal unit to try and extend the lead. Unfortunately disaster struck and a rare high snap from MacDonald (#14) couldn’t be reigned in by Galloway (#81) and K Bruce Callan (#85) dove on it to prevent further disaster.


RB Dan Baron (#2) had his first taste of Premier League football after making the jump from BUCS. Scoring in his first competitive match has really helped him live up to his new moniker “Baron Von Touchdown”. He finished the day with 150 yards and one TD. Baron cut through the Giant defense on a 22 yard catch and run out of the backfield on his way to his 1st TD. QB Andy Maciver (#12) called his own number on the 2XP and dove into the endzone.


The ferocious wolf pack defense was able to keep the usually explosive Giants offence at bay and late in the 3rd quarter disaster struck when LB Ross Young was ejected for an unlucky targeting call. The Giants took advantage of the distraction and capitalised with their 2nd third quarter TD.


“We are delighted with the win! They are a tough opponent and we were able to hang in for the win. We have a short week to turn around and work on mistakes before we head down to Merseyside to face another tough opponent in the Nighthawks.”

The Wolves are next at home Vs Tamworth Phoenix on May 19th at Peffermill Sports Complex, 2pm KO.


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