Meet The Team- Max Curran


What position do you play? Guard

How long have you been playing? 3 years

What has been your best moment as a member of the Wolves? Getting my first reps during the Trojans game, it was a great experience stepping up to Senior level.

Who is your favourite American Football player? Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears.

Outside of football what are your other interests? I do languages at uni so I guess looking up interesting facts about obscure languages. I also do trampolining as a complement to my football training to keep flexible.

Favourite film? Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Do you have any pre-game rituals? Pretend I’m listening to music. So I don’t actually put earphones in since it’s some kind of superstition I have that I’ll play badly if I listen to music pre-game, but I sing to myself in my head – it’s very strange I know.

What song is guaranteed to make you sing along? Gold by Spandau Ballet

Which team mate is the loudest? Calum Buchan

Which team mate is the funniest? Mike Froude

And finally if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow who from the wolves would you take in your rag tag group of survivors? Cassian Graham due to his soccer mum-esque car so we could drive around. Gregor Leslie as bait so we could get away.


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